“This industry has gotten too comfortable with paying a lot and receiving mediocrity in return” – Edward Drower


Both of our Co-Founders Edward and Joy have spent years cleaning up the mess of a poorly administered TMF and clinical trial. Consultants not delivering is not new in regulatory or pharma.


For study after study that staggared out of their audit with a stack of non-conformities overflowing from a cardboard file box… we saw the pattern, and decided to do something about it.


The TMFPro team came together out of necessity to serve Up-start Biotech companies a product that actually works… at a price point that they can afford. Trial Master Files are essential to not only passing audits, but are crucial pieces of the acquisition process.


Funding and spend efficiency are critical in an early-stage venture when heading into clinical trials. All too often we see companies paying exorbant fees (as part of a full package) with minimal follow-through and justification for the work.


And then there’s the clean-up after.


We've built our own platform from the ground up, with simplicity and scalability as our core tenants.

On-Demand Support

Some months studies are generating mountains of documents and data, and others sit dormant for entire quarters. Our approach scales up (and down) with your sites.

Continuous Audits

We stay on-top of your sites (and other vendors) by providing weekly and monthly 'risk rated reports' so your team can spot trouble early.

Our Experience at a Glance

Number of Years Managing Clinical Trials
Successful Audits
TMF Implementations
Years of Regulatory and Pharma Experience

Our Leadership and Advisors

Edward Drower

With over 30 years in the trenches of Drug and Device Approval, Ed truly has been through it all. From high flying startup Biotech operations that need interventions, to managing thousands of concurrent studies for big Pharma. Ed brings multiple decades of audit support and problem solving to your team come TMF audit day.

Ethan Drower - CTO

A seasoned tech entrepreneur with multiple ventures in the Life Sciences Industry.

Our Advisors

Our advisory board consists of thought leaders across Biotech, Regulatory, and Technology with cumulative centuries of experience bringing healthcare technologies to market.